We can satisfy every needs dealing with digital advertising

Media Lives is a digital agency, coming from the integration between different professionals with more than ten years of experience in the field of the online communication. It’s a part of a strong group is constantly growing that can cover every step in the digital process to guarantee the best specialization and the lowest dispersion of the investment made. Media Lives operate in the digital market since many years and due to its background in the online publishing area, it can understand deeply the peculiarities linked to the publishing systems chosen by the customers and also can guarantee both extremely precise targets and an optimization of the return on investment.   We help agencies of all sizes increase productivity of their digital media teams so they can buy and execute campaigns more quickly. Trusting in Media Lives for your media planning activities, performance campaign management, email marketing, video advertising, social media and mobile marketing, means choosing a digital agency with high level competences and up-to-date technologies so that your campaings will be more efficient and targeted on the desired profile.

Are You an Advertiser?

We understand how difficult it is to find new customers for your business. Media Lives has a comprehensive portfolio of performance marketing solutions that enable advertisers to enhance, measure and track the return on their digital marketing investment. Our data management platform processes all the data we track and gives you insights into who your current and potential customers are.

Are You an Publisher?

Open a publisher position in Media Lives Network: You can complete your registration with a simple step-by-step subscription. Our performance marketing network uses advanced tracking and reporting that delivers a clear overview of activity and ensures publishers are fairly rewarded for the results they generate, gaining the most from their premium inventory.

Are You an Agency?

Use our network as a CPA network to drive sales, pay for leads through Cost-per-Lead, Cost-per-Download/Installation or Cost-per-Call, or generate awarness with secure ROI through CPC and CPM marketing models. Our management tools will allow you to grow, manage and report on all of your campaigns from online Affiliate Marketing account.

Our Team
Media Lives has built a team that is fanatical about client results, and given our decade-long track record of continuously improving marketing performance for our clients, we have proven time and again that we can help our clients compete for, and win, in the online arena.
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